Postural Screening

5th grade parents please be aware that after Thanksgiving break I will begin postural screening. The purpose of this screening is to find early signs of possible spinal problems in children in grades 5-9. It is not a diagnostic service but a program to identify young people who should have further medical evaluation. You will be notified if I notice any unusual findings.

Important- girls are asked to wear or keep a two peice bathing suit top or sports bra in their backpack so they can change into this prior to the screening. This allows for a more accurate observation of their back. Boys will be asked to remove their shirts. Boys and girls are separated or done on different days. I usually do several children at a time in my office, however students can opt not to go with the group. The entire screening takes less than 1 minute and no touching is involved. I will review the process and demonstrate the screening with them in the upcoming days to alleviate possible anxiety. This is a screening that is required for all students up until 9th grade.

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Vision Screening has begun

Vision screening has begun at school. I will start with the lower grades then move up to 5th grade. I hope to get the entire school done by the end of Oct. You will only get results if your child needs further testing. (Minimal passing for vision is 20/30). This will be sent via snail mail. The teacher is also made aware of any results that are outside the norm.
In late October, early November I will begin Great Body Shop lessons. These lessons will focus on germs and infection control.
In mid to late November 5th grade will participate in postural screening. More news will come to parents of 5th graders about this process.

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September info from the health office

Wow, It’s been a busy beginning to our school year. I have seen tummy aches, cold and allergy symptoms and head lice. The head lice is contained to one family and is well under control. Just a note on policy/procedure for head lice. It is no longer typical to send home notices or check entire classrooms due to one case of head lice in a classroom. If I begin to see a trend or more than one case in a classroom I will determine how to proceed. In all likelihood a notice would go home. Please remember research has shown that head lice is spread outside of school, mostly from social events (i.e. sleepovers, camp).

Attached is some info on mosquito borne illness.

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Welcome Back

I hope you all had a fabulous summer break. I look forward to spending the next 8 months educating children to stay healthy, tending to aches and pains and preventing the spead of illness in our school.

Did you know September was “more matters month” and “more grains month”? Below are some tips to encourage children to eat more fruits and veggies.

Back To School with Fruits & Vegetables

What better way to boost that brain power than to fuel those bodies with healthy fruits and vegetables. Here are a few tips to make your kids the envy of the lunchroom!

Covert yogurt: In your child’s lunch, pack a container of plain yogurt and fruit chunks. Encourage him or her to play detective and identify which fruits you included. Give a small prize for the right answer!

Thermos fusions: Help your child experiment weekly with new 100% fruit and vegetable beverages in their thermos for school.

Color your crunch for lunch: Have your child choose from a rainbow of colors to brighten up his or her lunch. Carrots or celery with light ranch dressing or apples with peanut butter are a fun way to crunch.

Get sporty: Pre-portion energy snacks for your kids as they head to sporting events, such as their favorite dried fruits and nuts.

Let them play with their food: For a little lunch bag fun, slice apples into boats (cut apples into eighths), try red pepper butterflies (slice red peppers crosswise), or cucumber hearts (slice with a paring knife)!

Crock pot creations: Add carrots, potatoes, onions, celery and all your favorite veggies together in the crock pot for a hearty stew that cooks while you help with homework.



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Year end

It’s been a good year in the health office at the Peirce School. Some end of the year housekeeping…
Parents of students who have to have medication at school (inhalers, Epi-pens, daily meds) will be receiving a packet that has all the paperwork you and your doctor will need to fill out before next school year.
Those students entering 4th grade will need to have an updated physical exam form on file, please mail these anytime during the summer. I will be in my office this summer working for the Special Education ESY Summer Program.
For 5th grade students (and parents), I wish them the best as they move from the Peirce School. They are a very nice group of children and I have enjoyed working with them.
To everyone else, I will see you in the fall. I hope you have a terrific summer!

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Poison Ivy Facts

I have seen several students (and staff) with itchy rashs. I wanted to share some information with you about the myths and the facts of poison ivy and other pesky vines. Did you know that poison ivy is not contagious? Did you know you can’t spread poison ivy? Read on…

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Kindergarten Registration and other stuff

Welcome new families. Kindergarten registration will be held Tuesday April 10th from 8:30-11:30 and April 26th from 6PM-7PM. Please remember to bring all the required forms with you, including your child’s most recent physical exam and a copy of their immunizations. Please bring this even if your child is due for their 5 year exam over the summer.

When we return from vacation I will be presenting a Great Body Shop lesson to the 4th and 5th grade students. This lesson will focus on tobacco, alcohol and the differences between prescription and non-prescription drugs. You will be receiving a parent letter from your child’s teacher explaining the lesson in more detail.

In your child’s backpack you will be receiving information regarding the mobile dentist SMILE program we offer here at school. If you would like your child to participate in the dental program please fill out the permission form and return back to your child’s teacher ASAP.

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