End of year reminders

The end of the school year is fast approaching. Here are some general reminders. Most forms that are required through the health office can be downloaded from the Arlington Public Schools website.

Incoming K- a student’s health file is considered complete when a physical exam (within the last year) and proper immunization documentation is received. If your child has a health concern or life threatening allergy please call to set up an appointment with me before next school year begins so we can complete an Individual Health Care Plan for your child.

Incoming 4th grade students are required to have an updated physical exam on file. Please mail or fax that to my office 781-316-3738

Students currently on medication at school- Please pick up your child’s medication from my office prior to the last day of school. All meds get discarded from one school year to the next. Medication orders must be new every school year. If your child has an inhaler, emergency medication or daily med; a new order for 2013/14, signed by Dr and parent must be received before administration.

Grade 5-All health records will go to the Ottoson Middle School unless I hear differently. If you know your child will be attending a school other than Ottoson, please let me know so I can pull the chart and mail it to the proper school.

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School Nurse, Peirce School, Arlington, Ma
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