Happy March!

We have seen a couple of cases of head lice in the first grade and kindergarten. Notices have gone home with your students today. These children have been treated and cleared by me. A few pointers when inspecting your child’s head; start at the nape of the neck and near ears. You are looking for the eggs-they are easier to spot than the actual nit. They are pearly white on dark hair and often look darker on light hair. They are oval-shaped and attached to the hair, you will not be able to flick it off. If you can, it is more likely dry skin and not an egg. Don’t panic if you find head lice on your child, there are many resources to help you. There are several good websites, in particular National Pediculosis Association or Headlice.org. Please contact me for any further resources ie companies that will treat your child or recommended shampoos.

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School Nurse, Peirce School, Arlington, Ma
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