Welcome Back

I hope you all had a fabulous summer break. I look forward to spending the next 8 months educating children to stay healthy, tending to aches and pains and preventing the spead of illness in our school.

Did you know September was “more matters month” and “more grains month”? Below are some tips to encourage children to eat more fruits and veggies.

Back To School with Fruits & Vegetables

What better way to boost that brain power than to fuel those bodies with healthy fruits and vegetables. Here are a few tips to make your kids the envy of the lunchroom!

Covert yogurt: In your child’s lunch, pack a container of plain yogurt and fruit chunks. Encourage him or her to play detective and identify which fruits you included. Give a small prize for the right answer!

Thermos fusions: Help your child experiment weekly with new 100% fruit and vegetable beverages in their thermos for school.

Color your crunch for lunch: Have your child choose from a rainbow of colors to brighten up his or her lunch. Carrots or celery with light ranch dressing or apples with peanut butter are a fun way to crunch.

Get sporty: Pre-portion energy snacks for your kids as they head to sporting events, such as their favorite dried fruits and nuts.

Let them play with their food: For a little lunch bag fun, slice apples into boats (cut apples into eighths), try red pepper butterflies (slice red peppers crosswise), or cucumber hearts (slice with a paring knife)!

Crock pot creations: Add carrots, potatoes, onions, celery and all your favorite veggies together in the crock pot for a hearty stew that cooks while you help with homework.



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