A lot of health teaching has been going on at school. The 5th grade learned a lot about their changing bodies as they start to enter a new stage of life. Puberty! Mrs McQueeny’s class learned about family and inherited traits. We had fun talking about curling our tongues and hitch hiker’s thumb. The students are taking a survey home to see what traits they might have inherited from you. Speaking of family, Wuzzy arrived in the first grade today to talk about different family make-ups. I learned a lot about the student’s own families and they learned a little something about me. Ask your children what they learned about my family! Second graders were read the story “I like me”. We learned about each person’s “uniqueness” and to accept our friends even though they may be different from us.

With all this emphasis on family, I hope all of you can find some quality time this week to spend with your wonderful, special, unique children!


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School Nurse, Peirce School, Arlington, Ma
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