There’s a new fella in town

If you are a parent of a first grade student, ask them about Wuzzy.  He is a teddy bear that spontaneously appears with a letter addressed to the class.  He is a health care bear that helps the school nurse deliver important lessons to the class. The children are very excited when Wuzzy writes them a letter. So far they have learned about tummy aches, germs and oral hygiene. Today, Wuz even gave each 1st grader a toothbrush! We will continue to have letters from Wuzzy throughout the school year. He really empowers the students to learn and understand about their bodies.

Most K-5th students have gotten their vision screening done and all 5th graders have completed the dreaded postural screening. Referral letters will go home for any student that has not passed the state required screening. On December 3rd. the Speech-Language and Hearing center will come to Peirce School to perform hearing screening on every student in school. The Speech and Language college students come to our school from NE University. This screening process helps the college students gain vital clinical hours they need to earn before graduation. They do such a nice job with the children and it helps me out immensely. 

There has been lice found on a couple of children at school. These students most definately aquired headlice before school began this fall. The two cases have been isolated and treated. I have checked  students in the classrooms where lice was identified. There are several new products/shampoos on the market that help prevent headlice. I also learned that a specialist in headlice will be guest speaking at the next PTO meeting. This is valuable information so if you can make it to the meeting I believe it would be most beneficial.


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